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Portland to Lewiston (June 28 & 29th)

Many plans were bandied about between Al and I via text message. I wanted to show him some of the sights in Oregon (Hot springs! Waterfalls!), but we ended up simply not having enough time. He needed to book it to Lewiston, Idaho to do some bike repairs. I decided to come with, and surprisingly, so did Oz.

We fought our way out of Portland traffic, heading eastward along the I-84. I told Al the wrong name for the falls on the highway, so he took a different turn off than we did. Oops. He enjoyed a nice, winding road and we briefly appreciated Multnomah Falls before continuing on.

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Hells Canyon to Portland (June 21st and 22nd)

We were rudely awakened by mooing.

Sometime in the early morning, somebody had come by with a truck and let loose a herd of cattle to graze in the woods. There was one cow in particular with a low, almost demonic sounding call, and we had a good laugh about it. As I cooked up some pasta, Al tried to befriend a calf that had gotten separated from the others, but the creature was having none of it. The pasta turned out gummy and depressing, because the sterno I use to cook with doesn’t ever produce a true boil. I decided to find a different stove solution once I got back.

We took our time packing up, and headed out over some nice dirt and gravel roads. I felt like I was rollerskating on marbles, so I had to stop to lower my tire pressure, which helped quite a bit. I had a blast. Al went on ahead, and I was left to my own devices, dodging the occasional lumber truck. Of course, this meant I took a bunch of photos:

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Hells Canyon – Hanging Out at Log House (June 18-20th)

The next three days I spent hanging around camp, because my tires were absolutely shot, and the days sort of blended together. On one day (probably the 18th), Jim and Al went down Dug Bar. I spent most of the day inside the office, with Brian’s blessing. I tried not to feel shut in and trapped, I really wanted to ride, but those tires weren’t safe!

At one point I met Motomedic/Feike. He was pretty cool! We didn’t get much of a chance to talk though, he seemed to have other engagements to attend to.

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Hells Canyon – Camp Creek and Zumwalt (June 17th)

Before I could stumble blindly out of my tent mid-morning, a good number of folks had already packed up and headed home. What were they thinking?! They missed a FANTASTIC breakfast! Brian and Margaret spent the entire morning cooking little breakfast sandwiches for everyone. Margaret was kind enough to make me one without any ham. There was also orange juice, cinnamon rolls with homemade icing, and apples. Somehow I didn’t take a photo of this glorious feast. Too busy eating I guess.

As the morning wore on, almost everybody filtered away. Work on Monday, or other engagements to attend to. An endless stream of goodbyes as people rolled out, on two wheels or towing. It was a bit bittersweet, I felt like I’d made a bunch of friends and now I wasn’t going to see them again for a long time, if ever, but I am used to letting people go, and hey, I can always come back again next year!

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Hells Canyon – Hat Point (June 16th)

Prior to the gathering, I’d been talking with a gentleman who volunteered to meet up to help me check and adjust my valve clearances at the rally, as I didn’t have the required tools. After managing to wake up, I met up with “Smiling Jack”/Dave and we got down to work.

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