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Wrenching (Part 1)

Sorry for the length of this, but here’s all the stuff I’ve fixed in the past couple months!

My speedometer stopped working on the last trip to Idaho. After checking to make sure that it wasn’t the cable or the display which was broken, I found a replacement drive unit from an ADVRider for cheap. The old one had shards of the nylon worm gear floating around and was fairly low on grease. I managed to get the front of the bike off the ground by myself(!) and on to the simple stand, once the wheel was off, it was simple to replace the drive. Now I can tell if I’m speeding again!

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Bike Painting

I had gotten tired of the red, scratched-up paint job. It was a bit of an eyesore, even if people were still complimenting me on the color. I removed all the fairings and cleaned them well with warm soapy water.

Over the course of a couple days I removed almost all of the old red paint, using a scotchbrite pad and 400 grit sandpaper. The stuff that wasn’t completely removed was scuffed a LOT – I didn’t want to risk doing all this work only to have the paint bubble up later. For a short while the DR was white, and although it looked fairly slick that way, this was not the way to go for stealth camping.

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Mermite Cans

Doing some research on hard luggage systems, it seemed like my choices were pretty limited. I could buy a professional set and be out several hundred dollars; get a knockoff of Pelican cases (Seahorses) which are still made of plastic and open like a briefcase; use ammo cans, which are heavy and steel; make my own from scratch; or repurpose Mermite cans, which are aluminum military food containers.

Following Hondo’s excellent tutorial, after unsuccessfully calling every military surplus store in the greater Portland area, I found a guy on Craigslist who had a pair up for $40. Score! I took them down to Coug’s shop in Salem.

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Silver Falls (August 21st)

I went with some friends on a hiking trip to Silver Falls. I’d been wanting to go for quite some time – I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, but never seemed to have the right opportunity. We crammed into my roommate’s car, which was fine for a day trip. It was nice to relax and not worry about motorcycle gear.

One of my friends brought her cute corgi, named Engel. He was an attention whore.

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Canyonville, Crater Lake, Bend (August 13-15)

My friend Coug asked for my help straightening up his Silver Streak trailer so that he could sell it. This trailer has had an interesting life, and I was almost sad to see it go.

I lived with him back in 2004 when he got it in trade for doing a transmission swap on a guy’s car. I helped to cover up the yellow stains on the interior walls with layer after layer of white paint. After he tore out the rotting wood and remodeled it to a point where it was in a livable condition, with bunk beds where the “living room” was previously, a working furnace, and a twin pair of computer areas on either side, I ended up living in it with him and his then-girlfriend for about half a year. We were living in the same house in Eugene for three years as he gradually reworked it further – the bunk beds became a single queen with cabinets and secret storage places, it got Corian counter-tops and a nice bamboo wood floor, a new fridge, stove, microwave, and a work bench with lots of drawers. The death trap closet shower became an awesome, deep tub with jets. In fact, I’d lived in this trailer for a few months last winter, before moving up to Portland at the start of this leg of my life. It had become quite homey. Coug’s resourcefulness never ceased to amaze me. He managed to get nearly everything he put into the trailer for free or nearly so.

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