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Olympic Peninsula – Rialto Beach (Oct 2nd)

I decided to use my new stove to heat up some soup for breakfast.

I was in awe of how efficient the stove was! Even with the simmer ring, it heated the soup quickly – but not so quickly it burned. Some border control people drove by and asked me questions, which I thought was a bit odd. Eventually I warmed up and aimed myself toward Rialto beach.

The road out there was a blast. Cheery little two-lane road, winding past farms and forest.

Eventually I came to the ocean.

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Olympic Peninsula – Mt Walker (Oct 1st)

The next morning, I was in no hurry to get on the road, and I let the world warm up a bit before packing up my supplies.

I discovered that I could attach my solar panel to the top of one of the boxes and charge as I ride!

Need to find a better attachment system though. I tied it down with paracord, which made it impossible to easily open the box.

I headed north on Forest Road 24.

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Rainfurrest and Seattle (Sept 28th – 30th)

So, back at the beginning of this Ride Report, somebody mentioned that this was going to be “one of the weird ones”, and this is the point where I prove that person right. If it hasn’t already been sufficiently proven.


What the hell are furries? The simplest explanation is that it’s a subculture about animals with human attributes (classic examples are just about every animated children’s character ever made, all the way to Fritz the Cat and beyond). In the loosest sense, anything from a chick wearing cat ears to a guy who’s seen The Lion King over a thousand times both fit under this umbrella.

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Odds and Ends

I couldn’t find a better place to wedge these tidbits in, so they’re getting a tiny post all their own!

I went for a walk with Oz in this huge forested park a few miles away. We followed the unexpected sounds of music and stumbled across a “jazz in the park” event, staying to listen for a while. I really enjoyed the live music, I don’t get the opportunity to listen to it very often.

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Wrenching (Part 2)

I’d been in contact with an inmate, Ed, who offered to help me with some of my issues! I gave him the Scorpion exhaust as a gift. We got a lot done!

He taught me how to change brake fluid, which I admit seemed far more complicated than it actually was. I never knew it was supposed to be clear! The stuff coming out of the bike was nasty.

Ed noticed I had installed the chain guide incorrectly (I had the chain running along the outside instead of through the guide, haha!), and we fought valiantly against the fact that my screw-type chain wanted to rub against the guide. We inserted and removed various washers until it seemed to fit correctly. I forgot to loctite the bolts though, and a few hundred miles later found the guide dragging on the chain, one of the bolts and half of the washers lost to the road. This time I’m going to try nylock nuts and keep a better eye on it.

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