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Bus and Ride – Redwoods to Gold Beach (May 8th)

I awoke to rustling sounds – Nik was already packing up his gear. I could have used more sleep – 7 am is too damn early! Oh well.

As I packed up the bike, we noticed that the exhaust was missing a mounting bracket. Initially we lashed it on with paracord, but Colton remembered that he had some safety wire and we used that instead. It stabilized the exhaust surprisingly well! Way better than it was previously. We had noticed that the exhaust was a bit jiggly before jostling down Usal Road, and I have no idea how long it’s been that way. Hopefully it would be okay.

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Bus and Ride – Usal Road (May 7th)

I awoke to a balmy spring morning. After surveying the damage the wind did to my tent, I found Steve sitting on the tailgate of his truck nearby.

I like how you can tell just how broken the tent is in the third photo.

We chatted about the state of the world and how shit seems to be hitting the fan. He mentioned that he had hopes for the Occupy movement – people are getting fed up with the state of things, but that it doesn’t seem to be going much of anywhere. He joked about how drunk he was the previous night – “on a whiskey diet”. We also talked about how Usal Beach used to be a busy port town, and he showed me a book with history of the place, which was really awesome, and fit right in with the discussion about the pylons with the bonfire guys the night before.

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Bus and Ride – Union City to Usal Beach (May 6th)

North again! Deja vu! I attempted to find some route to escape the death trap of tolls that plague the bay area, but the only routes I could find would have added more than 3 hours to my journey. Begrudgingly I retraced my steps across the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. At least it was a much nicer day!

Thinking back to the rocks and cattle guards, I decided to shave a bit of time off my trip and took the 101 north for a ways further, wandering westward once I hit Highway 20, over to the coast. The 20 was a great little road full of twisties! Someday I will figure out how to take photos of fun roads without driving one-handed… Someday.

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Bus and Ride – Loop (May 3-5th)

I got up and packed at a reasonable hour (before noon). Watched Nicky make “Zorbex” (not sure of spelling?), this hydrophilic paper he sells to libraries to restore waterlogged books. Neat stuff! We’d used some of it in the funnel the previous day with the hopes of absorbing any water that might be in the gas.

I headed out with Rob, who was going the same direction to work. We’d talked about lanesplitting the previous evening, and I mentioned that I’d never done it before. Well, he gave me my chance! We didn’t split much, but it was still a bit nerve-wracking! Practice for Mexico I suppose…

Awww, look! My bike made a friend!

Looking back over the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

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Bus and Ride – Nixels and Larryboy (May 2nd)

With all of this walking around, I’d nearly forgotten that my gas tank was full of FAIL. I’d been in contact with an ADVRider, Nixels, as he had a post up on the Tent Space thread which promised a garage and tools, two things sorely lacking at the Musick Box. I needed to drain my tank and fish out the rubber pieces, and hopefully figure out the cause of the hiccup.

I left Musick Box to lots of hugs all around. They were sad to see me go, I was told I was always welcome there and to come back soon, and that I’m exactly the kind of guest they wish they got more often. I get this a lot. There must be an epidemic of people who show up to these communal living situations and just eat all the food, get drunk and pass out on the floor without ever doing chores.

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