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Lassen and Truckee (Oct 18th)

I packed up and left early. I had slept well. Perhaps a bit too warm, but better too warm than too cold. The nine miles of dirt were a great way to get started on the day. Between dodging a few trucks, I practiced standing until I reached pavement.

I was surprisingly close to Lassen National Park! As I headed towards it, the morning air was cool, but the road was interesting and twisty. I spied a doe loitering on the side of the road, blending in quite well with the dappled shadows. Yikes! Slow down…

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Goodbye Oregon! Eugene to Lassen (Oct 16-17)

I woke up at 6 am when Tal’s alarm went off downstairs. I packed everything up and was out of the door at 7:30 when he left for work. Not wanting to drift away again, I promised to keep in better touch this time. Thanks for helping me out of my jam, Tal!

I wanted to say goodbye to Raven, but he was a night owl. We had agreed to meet up at 9 am. To pass the time, I found a local diner with free wifi and picked my route over breakfast. Then I swung by Raven’s and we said our goodbyes. Thanks for letting me stay there and for driving me around!

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Bike Repair (Oct 14-15)

I woke up in Raven’s garden, had a nice hot shower, and made myself some tea. As the day began to warm up, I spread out my belongings and let them dry out a bit. The sky was scattered with clouds, but at least it wasn’t raining.

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Portland to Eugene (Oct 11-13)

Goodbye by Ulrich Schnauss on Grooveshark

I left Portland after several days of false starts.   I had planned on leaving earlier, but I had a number of loose ends to tie up: getting this report up to date, backing up all my data, silicone sealing the boxes, and giving away the last of my stuff, to name a few.  I will admit to a bit of lingering.

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Olympic Peninsula – Hoh Rain Forest, Ruby Beach, and Back Again (Oct 3rd and 4th)

The next morning, I played with a caterpillar as I made breakfast.

My tea water boiled in less than 5 minutes, and I still had fuel left to heat up my soup. Excellent!

I packed up and headed for the Hoh Rain Forest. This was another fun, twisty road, darting between light and shadow. As the road approached the National Park, the trees were clumped so thickly, gobbling up every ray of sunshine, that some stretches were almost like driving at dusk.

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