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Recovery (Nov 7th – Feb 25th)

Safely back in Phoenix, several days had passed. Most of my injuries were healing, but my wrist remained painful when moved. I suspected it might be broken, and investigated my options.

I don’t have health insurance. I’ve never had health insurance that wasn’t supplied by an employer, as the costs are prohibitively expensive, and I cannot be nomadic with high recurring bills. I do have some health coverage through my bike insurance, but it has a high deductible. Overall, not the best plan unless I REALLY needed it.

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Wipeout and Return to Phoenix (Nov 4-6th)

I was up and about before dawn, which is uncharacteristically early for me, but it was good to get a nice, early start to the day for once.

After packing up my gear, I decided to check out the hiking trail to the falls themselves. There was this big volcanic rock along the way:

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Manzanar (Nov 3rd)

It was quite chilly on this side of the mountains, unlike Saline Valley, and I hadn’t slept very well. Oh well! I quickly broke camp and began my day.

After stopping to air up my tires, I continued south on the 395, slowly warming up in the sunshine. I decided to take a journey through a period in history I wasn’t really that familiar with: WWII Japanese internment. In my history classes, it was only ever mentioned briefly, almost as a sidenote.

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Relaxing at the Springs and Back to Civilization (Nov 1 & 2)

The Mainiacs had mentioned that I should drop by their camp in the morning, as most of them were leaving. After waking up, I did just that. I enjoyed a nice breakfast of leftover potluck food and some orange juice. They were already getting into the alcohol – champagne and tequila shots. A bit too early for me…

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Hot Springs Halloween (Oct 31st)

Awakening from a pleasant night’s sleep which was far warmer than I’d had in Lone Pine, I feasted on some granola bars and packed my bag for a day hike. My plan was to find a secluded area to celebrate Halloween night, as there were far more people at the hot springs than I’d anticipated.

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