Olympic Peninsula – Mt Walker (Oct 1st)

The next morning, I was in no hurry to get on the road, and I let the world warm up a bit before packing up my supplies.

I discovered that I could attach my solar panel to the top of one of the boxes and charge as I ride!

Need to find a better attachment system though. I tied it down with paracord, which made it impossible to easily open the box.

I headed north on Forest Road 24.

Eventually I hit pavement again and continued along the 101. It was a clear, beautiful day. The sun felt comforting as it warmed my back.

I decided to check out the overlook at Mt Walker, which was a nicely graded gravel road all the way to the top. Great views of Puget Sound!

I chatted with some other motorcyclists at the north overlook, all of which commented that I’m “loaded for bear” when it comes to luggage. I explained that this was a test run for a longer trip.

Port Townsend was my next destination, to buy dinner supplies and to give my electronics a brief charge. As I left, the wind really started picking up.

I fought the wind north toward Port Angeles. It was already getting dark, and I had no clue where I was going to stay that evening. After consulting a map, I aimed for the strip of national forest west of Lake Crescent. At the lake, I tried to take some night-time photos. The full moon provided a lot of light, but I am once again foiled by the small sensor on my droid.

Eventually, I took a random paved forest service road, and sometime later I found a gravel turn off. Tired and cold, I started down a path, going over roots and around rocks, only to realize that cars probably couldn’t fit through here and it wasn’t really a road at all. I was rolling around the forest, it was simply widely-spaced trees. I managed to turn around and get out of the woods without knocking over the fully-loaded bike. Success!

I ventured down another nearby road which dumped me in a wide clearing, with a bonfire ring absolutely covered with trash. It wasn’t the best spot, but it would do. I made camp and ate some sandwiches.

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