Odds and Ends

I couldn’t find a better place to wedge these tidbits in, so they’re getting a tiny post all their own!

I went for a walk with Oz in this huge forested park a few miles away. We followed the unexpected sounds of music and stumbled across a “jazz in the park” event, staying to listen for a while. I really enjoyed the live music, I don’t get the opportunity to listen to it very often.

We explored Cathederal Park. The bridge was cool!

I went to an ADV meet (one of many) on August 2nd, and got to see Radioman after he got back from India. Here he is explaining the different passes he explored on his trip, which are displayed on his shirt.

He gave us all kuluu hats! Thanks!

I also got a chance to say hi to Nixels again as he passed through at one of the meets. It was good to get to know you, Portland ADVRiders! I’ll probably see you again someday (maybe at a future Hells Canyon rally!)

I really needed to replace my crappy Sterno stove, so I made a penny stove following these directions out of Peace Tea containers. Sadly, I couldn’t find any of the highly-prized sturdy Heineken keg cans at the beer stores in my area.

I assembled my supplies:

Measured and marked. Thanks, Lord of the Rings book!

Cut, assembled, drilled holes:

Added fuel, and PRESTO!

I was FLOORED at how well this thing works, for being tiny and made out of trash. It boiled a pan of water fairly quickly. I can finally eat rice again, yay! I need to do some tweaking, it tends to not like the simmer ring I made, but it took me less than a half hour from start to finish. Take THAT, overpriced alcohol stoves! I can get the yellow Heet it burns from just about anywhere too, for less than $2.

Two of our roommates moved out, and an awesome guy named DJ moved in. He’s got this massive Alex Grey tattoo on his arm, which is absolutely stunning, the artist he chose does some great work. It’s based on this piece, and it’s almost complete, after over a year of work on it.

Finally, an obligatory cat picture. This is Kira:


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