Livin’ in the Woods – June 10th & 11th

The next day, we headed back to Coug’s. The ground wire had ripped out of the plastic connector because it wasn’t long enough, ugh. Luckily, he had some scrap wire and soldered it back up, good as new!

Where to go? Oz had work in McMinnville the next day, far from where I’d been camping, but he wanted to spend more time together. We took back roads to the town, and after consulting the internet and a local gas station attendant, decided that the sites around the McGuire Reservoir seemed appealing. The road out to the area was fun, lots of curves going through farmland and woods. The bike felt like a new machine with all of the work we’d done to it! At one point, after we’d stopped for a brief break, I tried to make a 90 degree turn from gravel on to pavement from a stop. This was a Bad Idea, as I had no traction, and gravity quickly informed me. Luckily I was able to get the bike back up with Oz’s help fairly quickly. Whoops.

We passed a truck that had managed to lodge itself into some trees, halfway off an embankment. I guess some people need to learn to slow down…

As we got closer to the campsites, the road rapidly worsened. It was nothing terrible, but Oz’s Ninja does not have the suspension that my bike does, and it was not terribly happy about the uneven road surface and sudden drops. We made camp around dusk.

The site was really pretty! Right near a river, which I took advantage of to get some fresh, cold water. Oz left for work around 4 am the next day, while I slept in. After I got up, I restrung the elastic in my tent poles with some replacement cord I’d gotten from REI, yay, another problem solved!

I noticed some of Oregon’s wildlife as I was packing up camp:

I stopped to take some photos along the way, it was a great day to be riding!

After getting to McMinnville, I decided to explore around a bit, and aimlessly rode in random directions for a few hours. I met up with Oz after work, we bought some pasta and vegetables, and I cooked dinner while he set up the tent.

I took the opportunity to JB Weld the front sprocket cover back together, and left it on the picnic table to cure overnight. It rained that night, which sucked for Oz the next morning, navigating the bumpy, wet, deer-ridden road before dawn to get into town for work.

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